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SAFERhome Certification - Residential Builders Course

Teaching licensed Builders how to create more sustainable and inclusive housing based on the SAFERhome Standards Society's 15 Universal Building Standards.

The SAFERhome Certification Residential Builders Course (SSRHB) is a key component in empowering Professional Home Builders with the knowledge and skills they need to build homes that will truly meet the real and coming needs of everyone in our communities. By incorporating our 15 trademarked SAFERhome Universal Building Standards into any new construction at the framing stage, creates a home that is ready to adapt to the changing needs of a family throughout their lives, without the need for costly future renovations.


SAFERhome Standards provide an age in place solution, increased safety in the home from falls (the leading cause of injury in the home among children and seniors) and scalds, and improves the real estate value of a home.  Building to the SAFERhome Standards also removes issues around accessibility as a by-product of good design. People of all walks of life can live more comfortably and easily in their own homes for as long as they choose, regardless of their age, size, ability, or mobility.


SAFERhome Standards were created by the Trades for the Trades, and are the only universal building standard in the world that is measurable and recognized by a provincial government. All 15 SAFERhome Standards are within the existing National and Provincial Building Codes and are included in the BC Housing Design Guidelines and Construction Standards. 

About this Course:

• This course is a comprehensive, self-paced, half-day course delivered fully online, consisting of (5) Five Modules plus a final exam for Certification. 

• You will begin by learning about our changing demographics and how it is impacting our housing requirements. 

• Next, you will be introduced to the important concept of Universal Design in housing, how the SAFERhome Standards are Universal Design, and how these Standards create more inclusive multi-generational homes that provide better flow, functionality, and ease of use for everyone living in or visiting the home.

• Lastly, you will learn exactly how to incorporate all 15 SAFERhome Standards easily and inexpensively into any new residential construction design or major renovation project at the framing stage both future-proofing homes, and making you a more sustainable and profitable builder.

SAFERhome encourages and promotes a safer home environment, and a better standard of living for all people, by making homes look better, work better, and are worth more.