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About Us

Established in January 2004, the SAFERhome Society is a non-profit, public interest organization, encouraging a safer home environment and a better standard of living for all people through its certified building standards. We offer both private and corporate memberships, and accept funding from both private and government partners. We also partner with other non-profit groups such as the Vancouver Resource Society.

  •  SAFERhome Standards gives consumers the ability to choose a better standard of housing.
  •  SAFERhome Standards are trademarked across North America to protect consumers from misrepresentation.
  •  SAFERhome also certifies both builders and the homes they build to ensure the SAFERhome Standards are always incorporated into a home as required.

Whether you are a home owner, home builder, developer, or municipal council member you can begin building to the SAFERhome Standards today ensuring our homes meet the real and coming needs of our communities.

SAFERhome Standards – Making Homes Look Better, Work Better & Worth More

SAFERhome Standards are set of 15 simple, affordable, Building Standards that result in a home that anticipates the needs of its users and provides a safer more intuitive home environment, with better flow, functionality, and ease of use for everyone living in, or visting the home regardless of age or ability.
  • SAFERhome Standards are trademarked in Canada and USA to protect consumers and their housing from any misrepresentation.
  • SAFERhome Standards are a way for consumers to get a tangible and measurable "gold building standard" included into their homes.
  • SAFERhome Standards are invisible in the home when done properly, and remove the need for costly future renovations as you age at home.
  • SAFERhome Standards makes your home a better real estate investment as it now meets the needs of the largest buyers group, offering a stylish and more livable home environment no matter what your age or walk of life.
  • SAFERhome Standards give consumers the ability to have a clear say in how their homes are built.

If you want a home that’s attractive and meets both your current and future needs then you have found the real and common sense solution with SAFERhome.

​Why Everyone Needs a SAFERhome

According to Statistics Canada, by the year 2032, 48% of Canadians will be over 65 years old - half our population!  By building to SAFERhome Standards communities can be directly served with more appropriate housing that better meets the needs of our aging population, and keeps people safer, active, and independent in their own homes longer. As a bonus, everything we do for our aging parents and grandparents works just as well for our children. 

A SAFERhome also provides multi-generational living. Having multi-generations in the same household has many benefits, and a SAFERhome provides the comfort of knowing that our older and younger family members are taken care of, enhancing family relationships, and bringing generations together. 

SAFERhome Standards represents the future of appropriate housing for all people. We recognize that your housing needs will change over your lifetime.  SAFERhomes are designed to age with you throughout you and your families lifespans, providing better flow, ease of use, and functionality at every stage of life, benefitting everyone in the home, not just seniors.  Anyone is able to visit your home as well when you live in a SAFERhome, regardless of mobility challenges, bringing all generations of family and friends together, comfortably and easily.

​How does a SAFERhome adapt to your changing needs throughout your life?  

Some examples of how a SAFERhome is ready to adapt to your changing needs:  

  • Break a leg? SAFERhomes have flush thresholds, and wider doorways, hallways and stairs, making it easier to move around on crutches, or using a walker or other mobility device while you recover. These same features also make it easier to use a baby stroller as well.
  • Can't stand at the sink? In a SAFERhome sink cabinets in kitchen and bath areas are ready to easily be adapted to a lower height to use from a seated position without the need for any major plumbing or cabinetry renovations.
  • Can't climb the stairs? SAFERhomes wider stairways are ready to easily add stairlifts, and our multi-storey connection provision provides the option for adding an elevator at anytime.
  • Injured your back or sprained an arm?  SAFERhomes have higher electrical outlets and lower light switches that are easier to reach and use by almost everyone. 
  • Washing your feet in the tub or shower?  SAFERhome washroom wall reinforcements are in the tub, shower, and toilet areas to allow you to install stylish shower caddies, towel bars and toilet paper holders that double as safety bars without that 'institutional' look.  As a bonus, you won't have to worry about the kids hanging from the towel bar in a SAFERhome either!   You can always easily add additional safety bars at any time in a SAFERhome as your washroom walls are ready to adapt with you to your changing needs.

 Living in a SAFERhome makes life easier, safer, and more functional for everyone in the home from toddlers to seniors.

​Ready to Age in Place

One of the key benefits of living in a SAFERhome are the many ways it is ready to age with you.  Our 15 Building Standards allow you to stay in your own home and community for as long as you choose.

No one wants to be forced out of their homes due to ailing or failing health.

Living in a SAFERhome also reduces your chances of a fall by eliminating major tripping hazards. However, many older seniors will suffer a fall at some point, often leading to hospitalization. Living in a SAFERhome can shorten the time you spend in hospital waiting to return home because a SAFERhome is ready to accept any adaptive devices you may need, shortening your time to return home.  When you live in a SAFERhome, returning home can often simply be the time it takes to install safety bars, or a stair climber, or even an elevator, as it already has flush thresholds at the homes entry points and shower(s), and offset tub and shower controls positioning that is easier to reach and safer to use, as well as wider doorways and hallways that let you move through the home easier with any mobility aides.  

Living in a SAFERhome avoids the added time and money of costly renovations that are often required in order to return to a home that is NOT built to SAFERhome Standards.  Should you suffer a life changing event in a traditionally built home often leads to going into a Care Home versus living in a SAFERhome and being able to stay in your own home and community for as long as you choose.

​SAFERhome Standards removes labeling of people and homes

Homes built to the SAFERhome Standards remove all issues around accessibility as a by product of good design, removing disabled labeling and language and creating more inclusive homes and communities.  SAFERhomes look like any other traditional home, and work for everyone, regardless of age, size, ability, or mobility.

​SAFERhome Standards Certified Homes

There are already over 1,400 homes in British Columbia that are SAFERhome Certified. With the increasing demand for senior-friendly and family-friendly housing, those homes are in high demand in the real estate market.  

  • Make sure your real estate contracts and contractor contracts for existing homes, new builds, or renovations, contain the clause "subject to verification of SAFERhome Standards Certification" to protect yourself from any misrepresentation. 
  • Use a qualified SAFERhome Certified Builder to ensure your home meets the 'gold standard' for universal design in housing. 

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