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About Us

Established in January 2004, the SAFERhome Society is a non-profit, public interest organization, encouraging a safer home environment and a better standard of living for all people through its certified building standards. We offer both private and corporate memberships, and accept funding from both private and government partners. We also partner with other non-profit groups such as the Vancouver Resource Society.

SAFERhome is intended to give consumers the ability to choose a housing standard and to be sure that the standard is tangible.

SAFERhome has been trademarked to ensure consistent delivery and to protect consumers from misrepresentation.

SAFERhome – Making Homes Look Better, Work Better & Worth More

  • SAFERhome is trademarked in Canada and USA to protect consumers and their housing from any misrepresentation.
  • SAFERhome is a way for consumers to get a tangible and measurable building standard included into their projects.
  • SAFERhome is an affordable and invisible building “Standard” that makes homes worth more!
  • SAFERhome is helping to make your home a “Family-Friendly Environment” and a better investment!
  • SAFERhome gives consumers the ability to have a clear say in how their homes are built!

If you want or need a home that’s both attractive and meets your current and future needs while looking fabulous then you have found the real and commonsense solution with SAFERhome.

SAFERhome Standards are 15 simple and measurable standards that result in a home that anticipates the needs of its users and provides a safer, more universally functional home environment. SAFERhome Standards fall within existing national and provincial building code requirements.

Why Everyone Needs a SAFERhome

According to Statistics Canada, by the year 2032, 48% of Canadians will be over 65 years old. That means, that by building to SAFERhome Standards, half the community will be directly served with appropriate housing to keep them safer, active and independent in their homes longer. As a bonus, everything we do for our aging parents works just as well for our children.

SAFERhomes are attractive, functional, valuable homes

There are already over 400 homes in British Columbia that are SAFERhome-certified. With the increasing demand for senior-friendly and family-friendly housing, those units will be in high demand in the real estate market.

Who are SAFERhomes Society?

We are a non-profit organization funded by the BC Ministry of Housing to tell you: “Whether you are a home owner, home builder, developer, or municipality council member, you can do this today!”

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