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Plumbing - 3 Standards

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Criteria 13 – Bath and Shower Control Positioning: All controls are offset from center, roughly 1/2 way between the historic center location and the outside edge of the shower or tub enclosure

Old fashion bath and shower controls are always put directly under the showerhead in the middle of the shower stall wall. In a normal home this means that when you go to turn the shower on in the bathtub, you have to put your foot between the toilet and the tub and lean into the shower area to turn on the taps.

With offset controls you do not need to lean in as far and you avoid a potential falling accident.

Ideally in a SAFERhome the tub should be turned around and these controls are positioned at the opposite end away from the toilet or any obstacles that would be in the way of stepping more safely into a bathtub.

Criteria 14 – Waste Pipes: All pipes are brought no higher than 14″ to the center of the pipe from floor level

With the waste pipes being installed lower, this makes adjusting the counter height in the future easy, without having to open the walls and incur larger renovation costs.  Being able adjust the home for the option of sitting at a bathroom or kitchen sink to perform chores is an “aging in place soft solution”, extending the home occupants independence, dignity and comfort.

Criteria 15 – Pressure/Temperature Control Valves: Control valves are installed on all shower faucets

For safety reasons, pressure control valves on shower controls already exist in most Canadian homes.   This feature is now a Canadian basic building code requirement, but should be included in any renovations.