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SAFERhome Certification - Housing Industry Professionals Course

SAFERhome Certification - Housing Industry Professionals Course

This course teaches Housing Industry Professionals how to create more sustainable and livable housing that works better for everyone in our communities regardless of their age or abilities, based on the SAFERhome Standards Society's 15 Universal Building Standards.

About The Course

The SAFERhome Certification Housing Industry Professionals Course (SSHIP) is designed to provide Housing Professionals with the knowledge and understanding needed to create more inclusive housing that meets the real and coming needs of everyone in our communities through the application of universal design.  SAFERhome Standards ™ are the only 100% measurable "Gold Standard" for universal design in housing.

By incorporating the SAFERhome Standards into any new construction design at the framing stage creates a home that is ready to adapt to a family's changing needs throughout their lifetime, providing a home you can safely age in without the need for costly future renovations. 

Homes built to SAFERhome Standards™ are more intuitive, and provide better flow, functionality, and ease of use for everyone in the home regardless of their age, size, ability or mobility. 

SAFERhome Standards homes also improve the safety for everyone in the home from falls and scalds - two of the leading cause of home injuries and hospitalizations among children and seniors that are preventable. Injuries, illnesses, and aging will happen to everyone. Seniors, and older adults are looking for housing that can support their changing needs, and allow them to remain independent in their own homes as they age.  

SAFERhome Standards provides the solution with housing people can live in longer, and more affordably, and stay in the communities they love and thrive in. 

SAFERhomes also meet or exceed accessibility requirements without looking accessible, creating 100% main market housing that anyone can live in, regardless of their ability or mobility.

SAFERhome Standards can be applied to any new residential housing: single family and multi-family homes, townhomes, duplex / multi-plex homes, laneway homes, ground level suites, and multi-unit residential buildings.

All 15 SAFERhome Standards™ are within existing National and Provincial Building Codes, and the only universal building standard in North America that is standardized, measurable, and recognized by a provincial government. 

SAFERhome Standards are recommended by the Rick Hansen Foundation, and are included in the 2019 BC Housing Design Guidelines and Construction Standards.

Improving a homes' livability, increasing the years people can stay in their homes, reducing strains on healthcare systems and services, reducing homecare support injury risks, and creating better housing choices for everyone in our communities, are all immediate benefits of building residential housing to the SAFERhome Standards.

Today's homes should not only last our lifetimes, but allow us to live in them for our lifetimes, and should not limit who can live in them, or visit them.

About this Course:

• This course is a comprehensive, self-paced, half-day course delivered fully online, consisting of (5) Five Modules plus a Final Exam for Certification. 

• You will begin by learning about our changing demographics and how it is impacting our housing requirements. 

• Next you will be introduced to the important concept of Universal Design in housing, how the SAFERhome Standards are Universal Design, and how these 15 Building Standards create more inclusive multi-generational homes and communities that are easier to physically live with and result in increased social sustainability.

• Lastly, you will learn how each of the SAFERhome Standards are easily and inexpensively incorporated into any new residential construction design both future-proofing homes, and creating more sustainable and safer housing in any community. 

SAFERhome encourages and promotes a safer home environment, and a better standard of living for all people, by making homes Look Better, Work Better, and Worth More.