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SAFERhome’s mission is to promote the adoption and use of housing standards and practices that are safe, healthy and sustainable for everyone in the community. To achieve its objective SAFERhome provides home planning assistance, home inspection and certification programs for the new home construction industry.

SAFERhome also provides educational programs, publications, seminars and conferences while acting as a public interest lobby group with government and industry for the adoption of SAFERhome building standards and practices.

Benefits of a SAFERhome

SAFERhomes look better

Wider doorways, hallways and stairs all add up to a feeling of open space, creating a sense of flow that greatly increases the esthetic appeal and real estate value of any home.

SAFERhomes work better

They are designed to adapt right along with your changing needs.

SAFERhomes are worth more

They meet the needs of the largest buyer group while offering a stylish and more liveable environment for all people, no matter what age or walk of life.

SAFERhome Standards      update September 2017