• Welcome & Mission Statement

Welcome & Mission Statement

Welcome & Mission Statement

The SAFERhome Society, established in January 2004,  is a non-profit, public interest organization, advocating a safer home environment and a better standard of living for all people through its certified building standards.

We offer both private and corporate memberships, and accept funding from government partners and other non-profit groups.

SAFERhome’s wonderful partners, friends, and volunteers, are dedicated to empower and protect all consumers who want a home to enhance their lifestyles and to make it a better real estate investment. The manual has been made available through the support of BC Housing and their seminar series Building Smart.

Our Mission Statement

SAFERhome promotes the adoption and use of housing standards and practices that are safer, healthier and more sustainable for everyone in the community through the use of our 15–point SAFERhome Standards solution.

To achieve its objective SAFERhome provides home planning assistance, home inspection, and certification programs for new home and renovation projects. SAFERhome also provides educational programs, publications, seminars and conferences while acting as a public interest lobby group with government and industry for the adoption of SAFERhome building standards and practices.

As our communities are evolving, we are experiencing a huge demographic shift with the aging of our population. The latest Statistics Canada figures reveal the number of older adults and seniors in our communities will continue to increase at unprecedented rates. By the year 2032, 48% of Canadians will be over 65 years old. Seniors traditionally use canes, walkers and scooters to maintain their independence.

By building to SAFERhome Standards, half the community is directly served with appropriate housing to keep them safer, active, and independent in their own homes longer. As a bonus, everything we do for our aging parents works just as well for our children.

However, a  SAFERhome is even more! Have you ever wanted a home that:

  • is a “better” real estate investment,
  • truly works to improve the physical safety of the entire family,
  • can easily be changed to meet your family’s needs both now and in the future,
  • can be pre-wired to give you smart home style electrical options,
  • is ready to be more energy efficient,
  • offers ‘one-level living’ lifestyle in any multi-level design,
  • is age-friendly for the young and old and allows for aging-in-place solutions,
  • is built to the only measurable Universal standard in the world.

By adopting the SAFERhome Standards you can have it all. Insist on having anything you buy or build meet the SAFERhome certification criteria. If your builder or realtor says that it is there, ask them to “prove it” and make any offers subject to: “Written proof of successful SAFERhome Certification!”

The SAFERhome Standards are all within the existing Provincial and National Building Code. You now have a real housing choice of getting more in your home than the traditionally accepted minimum building standard. The SAFERhome How-To manual shows you just how easy it is.

SAFERhome Standards is a measurable and tangible “Gold Standard” in Universal home design. Universal design is a way to build homes that work for all people, and simply put, it makes any home look better, work better, and worth more.

Our Municipal members showing leadership:

  • City of Vernon Mayor Akbal Mund

The City of Vernon is an active supporter of SAFERhome Standards being incorporated in all residential construction.  For example, the City has a rental housing grant program wherein eligible grant projects are to be constructed in accordance with SAFERhome standards.  The 15-point standards of SAFERhome are exceedingly cost effective when included as part of new construction.

We consider including the SAFERhome Standards in the design and construction of a new home as a “no-brainer’.  It allows homeowners to live comfortably and to age in place without there being a need for costly and inconvenient home renovations.

  • City of Maple Ridge & City of Armstrong
  • Patrick Condon, UBC Faculty of Landscape Architecture

“Cities cannot be sustainable unless the homes within them are.”