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SAFERhome Standards Benefits for Builders and Developers

  • Integrated easily and affordably into all residential building projects
  • Invest into an aging customer market base who are looking for new housing solutions 
  • no change to existing square footage 
  • all units are 100% main market 
  • Increase profits for builders and developers
  • provides a better investment for home owners
You can register your home, units, or projects on our How To Certify your Home page

Building homes that appeal to 100% of the buying public

​​A Small Investment Brings in Bigger Profits

Increase profits by building homes that appeal to 100% of the buying public. The SAFERhome program has proven in the past to have an on-site construction cost of less than $700/unit for MURBS/MSRT and $1,000 for a single family home. SAFERhome’s “tool kit” is a cost-effective and efficient means for builders/developers to ensure housing meets the rapidly changing needs of our population, most notably seniors.

For every dollar extra invested, a SAFERhome will return 10 dollars. SAFERhome is an easy-to-apply and inexpensive 15-point SAFERhome Standards overview for any new building, all within the current building codes and by-laws.

​​Applying for Higher Density Allowance

Often higher density allowances by municipalities hinge on incorporating social units into a project. Those units usually sell below market price. By integrating SAFERhome into a project, those units can be eliminated and builders/developers can profit from 100% of the building. This increases profits at a low risk to builders/developers and municipalities benefit by increasing housing stock with a measurable universal solution.

​​​Why Tapping into the Seniors' Market Makes Sense

The upcoming need to accommodate seniors will create a high demand in the real estate market. 1,000 Canadians turned 65 today! By 2032, Statistics Canada says that a staggering 46% of Canadians will be over the age of 65.

Provinces and municipalities across Canada are developing guidelines for age-in-place solutions. However, in the process of requiring builders/developers to build “accessible” housing, not only are homes devalued (and negatively labeled), profits for builders/developers are reduced as those units are sold below market value.

SAFERhome will attract “Boomers” who have great buying power and are vocal. Our program makes housing more marketable.

​​​SAFERhome's 15-Point Standards are Easy and Affordable to Integrate

All points are easy, inexpensive and common sense and are within the current building codes. They are a simple overlay and clarification of the current building code. As an example, lower waste pipes, specific light switch positioning, installing bath and shower controls off-centre, etc. For a detailed listing go to 15-point SAFERhome Standards.

​​Sustainability - SAFERhomes are Smart Ready

SAFERhome’s are smart ready and can reduce energy costs. LEED has recognized this feature and award points (Innovation and Technology with Energy Management – currently in LEED’s Pilot Library). A SAFERhome has an open wiring network that allows all the electronics to cross communicate and substantially increase the energy efficiency of the home.

SAFERhome is also part of UBC’s sustainability program REAP (Residential Environmental Assessment Program). For more information go to UBC REAP.

​​Are Municipalities Familiar with SAFERhome Standards?

Most Municipalities are familiar with age-in-place solutions, and most BC municipalities have received information on SAFERhome Standards or are a member of SAFERhome Standards Society, supporting home design that better meets the needs of all people in our communities. The SAFERhome Standards is accepted as a real and tangible solution for universal home design.

​​The Bottom Line

Opting for SAFERhome universal design standards means that developers and builders can move projects forward faster (since SAFERhomes are attractive to municipal governments), offer a better and more attractive product, increase profits, and build more sustainably for the community.

 Become a member of SAFERhome Standards Society today.

Making homes that look better, work better and are worth more!

SAFERhome Standards is also included in the following programs’ point systems:

  • Canada Green Building Council
  • The University of British Columbia