• How To Certify Your Home

Home Cetification

How To Certify Your Home

SAFERhome Standards protects consumers two ways: 

• through our Inspection and Certification program for homes, and 

• Certifiying Home Builders through our SAFERhome Certification Builders Course accredited through BC Housing for 5 CPD points.

NOTE: Registration form and fee are required prior to plan approvals.

Basic Steps to Register and Certify a Home or Project

        Step 1.  Registration Form and Fee Payment

• Complete our Online Registration Form and credit card payment process (best method), OR, to email the Registration Form and arrange payment by E-Transfer please contact our admin dept. directly at admin@saferhomesociety.comOR,  you can contact our admin dept. directly to Mail the Registration Form together with your cheque payable to the SAFERhome Standards Society. 

NOTE: Registration Fee includes Inspection and Certification •$450 per single family home • $400 per unit in multi-family homes or multi-unit residential buildings.

Step 2.   Design & Build Your Home / Project

The SAFERhome Standards manual provides all the technical details for each criterion in order to meet the Standards.  The Standards are grouped into three (3) categories – Structural & Design, Electrical & Telecom, and Plumbing.

• Download your copy of the SAFERhome Standards Manual here that provides all the technical details for each of the 15 criteria of the SAFERhome Standards.

Your registration also entitles you to technical and other support you may require to certify your home.  We are here to support you during your build should you have any questions or concerns and encourage you to contact us direct at support@saferhomesociety.com

        Step 3.  SAFERhome Inspection & Certification

NOTE: SAFERhome Standards requires 2 weeks notice to schedule Inspections.

• Prior to installing insulation and drywall at the framing stage of your home/project when all electrical and plumbing is in the walls, please EMAIL ASAP to arrange the day and time for a SAFERhome Certified Inspector to perform your inspection. [Cost of SAFERhome inspection is already included with your registration fee].

• Email inspections@saferhomesociety.com and include address of property to be inspected, your contact information, and status of where you are at with your build.

Once you have passed inspection you will receive a SAFERhome Standards Certificate and registration number for each home or unit that passes inspection, and  your home or housing project will be added to the SAFERhome Standards Certified Homes Registry.

We encourage all Builders and Developers to take our SAFERhome Builders Certification Course  to gain full knowledge and understanding of universal design in housing and how to incorporate all 15 SAFERhome Standards into any residential home or housing project. Certification gives your clients the assurance of having a qualified SAFERhome Certified Builder, and provides industry recognition as a certified universal design building specialist.

SAFERhome Standards and You!  Working Together to Build Better Communities! 

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