• How To Certify Your Home

Home Cetification

Certify Your Home or Project

     Registration Fee includes Inspection and Certification:

     • $450 per Single Family Home

     • $400 per unit in Multi-Family Homes, or Multi-Unit Residential Buildings, Secondary Suites, Laneway / Carriage Houses.

 • How to Register and Certify a Home or Project •

       Step 1. Registration Form and Fee Payment

Complete our Plan Submission Membership Form below: 

Alternate Registration Process: if you are unable to complete the above registration form and fee payment, please contact our staff direct at support@saferhomesociety.com to arrange alternate registration & payment option, and plan review. 

Step 2. Design and Build your Home or Project

• We encourage all Home Builders and Developers to take our SAFERhome Certification Builders Course to become educated about the SAFERhome Standards Program, the many benefits of building to universal design standards, and to provide a strong understanding of how to implement each of the SAFERhome Standards criteria. 

This course is 100% online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and schedule, and accredited through BC Housing for 5 CPD points.

SAFERhome Certification has many benefits, provides consumer confidence, compliance assurance, and industy recognition as a qualified universal design building specialist. 

•The SAFERhome Standards manual provides all the technical details for each criterion in order to meet the Standards.  SAFERhome Standards are grouped into three (3) categories – Structural & Design, Electrical & Telecom, and Plumbing.

• Your registration fee entitles you to technical and other support you may require.  We are here to support you during your build, should you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to contact us direct at support@saferhomesociety.com

         Step 3. SAFERhome Inspection and Certification

Please Note: SAFERhome Standards requires 2 weeks’ notice to schedule inspections. 

Contact SAFERhome at the framing stage prior to installing insulation and drywall, with all electrical and plumbing in the walls for inspection.

• Register with the same email as your plan submission membership above at certify.saferhomestandards.com with the civic address of property to be inspected, your contact information and phone number, and status of where you are at with your build, and we will confirm a date and time for a SAFERhome Certified Inspector to inspect your home, unit(s) or project. Cost of inspection is included in the registration fee.

** If you are unable to register for inspection through the portal, please contact us direct at inspections@saferhomesociety.com

• After you have passed inspection you will receive a SAFERhome Standards Certificate and registration number for each home or unit that passes inspection, and  your home or housing project will be added to the SAFERhome Standards Certified Homes Registry.

SAFERhome Standards program proctects consumers from misrepresentation: 

  • through our Inspection and Certification program for homes and units, and 

  • by Certifiying Home Builders through our SAFERhome Certification Builders Course accredited through BC Housing for 5 CPD points.

SAFERhome Standards Members Plan Review:

SAFERhome Standards building plans review, and planning design assistance, is included in our Home Builder Membership plan.

Members can submit plans in PDF format through the membership portal above or direct to: support@saferhomesociety.com