Criteria 10 – Electrical Outlet Positioning


Criteria 10 –
Electrical Outlet Positioning

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Criteria 10 – Electrical Outlet Positioning: All outlets positioned at 18” to the centre of the electrical box from the finished floor.

Like the light switches, there is a “reason” why electrical outlets are traditionally placed where they are.  The rough-in electrician used his hammer as the measuring implement. After all, each house only required integral consistency with itself.

SAFERhome Standards raise all the receptacles, plug-ins, electrical outlets, phone/cable jacks, built-in vacuum, etc. from the typical 12" to 18” to centre from the finished floor height.  A more "user friendly" height.

This way you don't need to bend down quite as far to plug things in.                                    This has major implications for people with reduced mobility. This simple modification, like lowering the light switches, will cost nothing extra.  The electrician only cares how many outlets there are, not where you put them.  It will, however, be much more convenient.