Criteria 9 – Light Switch Positioning


Criteria 9 –
Light Switch Positioning

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Criteria 9 – Light Switch Positioning: All switches positioned at 42” to the centre of the electrical box from the      finished floor.

Normally light switches are located 48” from the finished floor height.  There has never been a practical or ergonomic reason why.  The only reason switches ever got that high was to place them above the traditional 3-foot high wainscoting, a decorating standard that fell out of favor more than half a century ago.  Remember, back then switches were also push button.

However, by installing the switches 6” lower at 42” from floor to centre, you have achieved a great balance between small and tall family members plus you have made it easier to hit the light switch with your elbow when you have an armload of goods.

Combine this height change with an easy-to-operate switch instead of a traditional toggle switch, and you have created an inexpensive win-win situation that is easy to use and looks great.

No extra cost for the change of height, and the easy to operate switches are a minimal extra cost.