SAFERhome open house on tap – Vernon Morning Star

May 16, 2016

SAFERhome open house on tap – Vernon Morning Star

Imagine if every home in Vernon was designed so that people could age in place. What if the design was simple and easy to implement?  What if it increased the value of your new home?

SAFERhome guidelines will be the focus of an open house Thursday from 6 to  7 p.m. at Turtle Mountain.

“You will be guided through a SAFERhome currently under construction and be shown the differences in design during the building stage,” said Jacob Kuiken, from Everton Ridge Homes.

For those involved in the construction sector, a more detailed presentation will take place at 5 p.m. at the Schubert Centre as part of the City of Vernon’s housing forum.

Patrick Simpson, with the SAFERhome Society, will provide an overview of the 19 requirements for SAFERhome certification.

“We want all families and seniors to have access to a building standard that will get them a safer more sustainable home,” said Simpson.

The Social Planning Council, the City of Vernon, and the Land Trust are part of the team promoting SAFERhome standards. 

Residents are welcome to take part in the housing forum presentation at 5 p.m. at the Schubert Centre or drop in for the tour at 6 p.m. at Turtle Mountain.

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Patrick Simpson:

There were presentations from BC Housing and CMHC regarding seed funding for projects and assistance from both agencies to establish viable projects. The City of Vernon had a number of presenters and they delivered the SAFERhome message and have taken strong steps forward to encourage builders to utilize the SAFERhome Standard.

Vernon currently offers developers a $300 grant for every SAFERhome unit built. The City based the amount on the research numbers coming out of the HPO/Englewood/SAFERhome Chilliwack project. The City recognized the $600 researched based additional building cost of a one-bedroom unit and are prepared to share that expense if it results in a measurable universal housing solution.

There are currently 108 new units that the city has organized and made aware so far, and they continue to move forward with the program.

The forum was about affordable housing, SAFERhome is a more affordable solution. If you do not design homes to meet the occupants needs you will end up having to support the occupant with the human element. That is a ongoing operational cost that always goes up.

Everton Ridge Homes has a great show home to demonstrate the SAFERhome program for the forum. Everton is now going to incorporate the SAFERhome criteria into their entire new home line up as a base program. Cliff Lattery is now a SAFERhome Certified Builder.